Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Fan Art – Over 14

Lorraine Hamlin – Carmichael

I took a photo of the Boardwalk from the beach on a day with very few people on the beach..about 7 or 8 years ago. I lived near the beach

Isaac Morales – Phoenix

The colorful character icons from the other Boardwalk rides celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Giant Dipper by riding the historic roller coaster! I had a lot of fun

Steven Bales – Hayward

“My Summer Highlight: Santa Cruz TERROR!” Ink on paper, digital edits 9 x 12 This is a caricature drawing of my girlfriend Kyla and I riding the Giant Dipper in

Margaret Rich – Santa Cruz

Acrylic on stretched canvas. I grew up spending my summers in Santa Cruz, visiting from my small hometown in northern Nevada. After graduating college, I moved to Santa Cruz full

Keith Benham – San Mateo

Painted this self portrait as my senior year high school final art project(20+ years ago). Oil paint on canvas. Santa Cruz has been a staple in the Benham families summer

Denali Spector – Aptos

As a Santa Cruz native and artist, I wanted to design a love letter to my hometown! When someone thinks of Santa Cruz they think of the cool beaches, chill

Becca’s Artsy Corner – California

I painted this using some paint and marker pens! This artwork was inspired by the sun, the trees, the Giant Dipper and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The inspiration behind the

Patty S. – Stockton

This is a Pastel Painting I did of the Giant Dipper at night. I believe there is nothing as beautiful as the Giant Dipper at night.

Meaghan Carpentier – Ottawa (Canada)

Happy 100th! I was introduced to the Giant Dipper by its number one fan, so for his milestone birthday along with the Dipper’s milestone birthday, I recreated the iconic light-up

Cate Dayan – Davis

Santa Cruz is my soul city. I spent 5 formative years in Santa Cruz and go back to enjoy it as often as I possibly can. I have so many

Shelley – Aptos

Here is me screaming and terrified on the Giant Dipper. I wedge myself into the seat and hold on for dear life as my heart ends up in my throat

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