Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Fan Art – Over 14

Meaghan Carpentier – Ottawa (Canada)

Happy 100th! I was introduced to the Giant Dipper by its number one fan, so for his milestone birthday along with the Dipper’s milestone birthday, I recreated the iconic light-up

Cate Dayan – Davis

Santa Cruz is my soul city. I spent 5 formative years in Santa Cruz and go back to enjoy it as often as I possibly can. I have so many

Stephanie Almendariz – Garden Valley

Creation date: 2020.12.03 Medium: Custom designed paper, 2018 Primer. A city on a Hill Press Magazine. 2018-19 Student Guide UCSC, Edible Monterey Bay Spring 2019#31, Best of Santa Cruz County

Shelley – Aptos

Here is me screaming and terrified on the Giant Dipper. I wedge myself into the seat and hold on for dear life as my heart ends up in my throat

Marie serfa – San jose

I painted from the Wharf. The view is fantastic. I added a bit of whimsical spirit like me. It is oil on linen. « the Boardwalk festival in April ».

Timber – Paso Robles

This is a drawing I did of me and my friends spending our day on the 100th anniversary of the Giant Dipper! This was so long to make and it

Ryan O. – Stockton

A 10×10 nocturnal oil painting of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The Giant Dipper standing out in all her glory, looking beautiful underneath the moonlight.

Dawn Culp – Gilroy

I painted this painting using acrylic paint to highlight the beauty of the Giant Dipper at night with the lights cascading off the water under a starry sky featuring the

David Fleming – Aptos

Oil painting of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, showing Giant Dipper and other rides. 36″ high x 48″ wide. Date: 2016.

Alyssa W. – Escalon

I chose to paint the Giant Dipper underneath a pink sunset because I feel like everything just looks prettier at that time day! I really enjoy going to the Boardwalk

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