Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Fan Art

Mateo – Antioch

I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and rode the Giant Dipper for the first time. I wanted to celebrate this rollercoaster’s 100th anniversary this year so I made

Lorraine Hamlin – Carmichael

I took a photo of the Boardwalk from the beach on a day with very few people on the beach..about 7 or 8 years ago. I lived near the beach

Madison – Watsonville

To celebrate the Boardwalk’s hundredth anniversary some of the characters of the movies filmed at the Boardwalk decided to take a ride on the Giant Dipper.

Hunter S – Stockton

Our family began spending a week every summer in Capitola almost 20 years ago. Visiting the Boardwalk was always a highlight of our trip. I have enjoyed continuing this tradition

Jackson R. – Danville

I wanted to ride the Giant Dipper but I had to wait a few years until I was tall enough. When I was finally tall enough, my Mom and Dad

Rosemary R. – Danville, CA

The Giant Dipper is my favorite ride at Santa Cruz so when I heard there was an art contest about my favorite ride, I got so excited. My favorite time

Isaac Morales – Phoenix

The colorful character icons from the other Boardwalk rides celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Giant Dipper by riding the historic roller coaster! I had a lot of fun

Abigail – Antelope

I drew my stuffed animals riding on my most favorite ride at the Boardwalk called the Giant Dipper.

Steven Bales – Hayward

“My Summer Highlight: Santa Cruz TERROR!” Ink on paper, digital edits 9 x 12 This is a caricature drawing of my girlfriend Kyla and I riding the Giant Dipper in

Carlie – Morro Bay

My Dad, my friend, and I, went on the Giant dipper recently. It feels like it takes you back in time, with all the wooden turns and drops! Its funny

Margaret Rich – Santa Cruz

Acrylic on stretched canvas. I grew up spending my summers in Santa Cruz, visiting from my small hometown in northern Nevada. After graduating college, I moved to Santa Cruz full

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