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Fan Art

retro version of the giant dipper

Priscilla Martinez – RUNNER-UP

I wanted to capture people’s expression and feelings of exhilaration riding on the classic Giant Dipper. This depicts a retro theme in representation 95th anniversary of the Santa Cruz Beach

painting of the giant dipper

Mattea Muzzy – FINALIST

For its 95th anniversary, I painted the Giant Dipper itself! I’ve always considered Santa Cruz my second home, and I wanted to paint something that hopefully conveys the sense of

watercolor of the giant dipper


Its watercolor of The Giant Dipper. I first rode this ride when I was 6, and its extremely special to me. I ride it a lot when I’m at Kennolyn

drawing of the sunsetting on the giant dipper


Watercolor with some chalk, spent around many hours and used multiple watercolor brands to get the colors correct

art collage of giant dipper

Jamie Keil – Santa Cruz

The boardwalk is magical and i wanted that to show through with the images and doodles. I made sure to inclue images of the forest, the ocean and other things

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