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Steven Bales – Hayward

“My Summer Highlight: Santa Cruz TERROR!”
Ink on paper, digital edits
9 x 12

This is a caricature drawing of my girlfriend Kyla and I riding the Giant Dipper in August, 2023. It was Kyla’s 1st time riding the Giant Dipper, and she was both visibly excited and nervous as we waited in line. She had a great big grin on her face as we began to ascend the tracks, but as we came to the first drop, she let out the most blood curdling, terrifying screams I have ever heard as she squeezed my hand with all of her power! Her screams continued throughout the ride, and I actually got worried a few times as she screamed ever louder, but then I noticed a grin and some laugher come out whenever the train slowed or straightened out for a moment and figured she was fine. I must admit that Kyla’s screams sounded so awful and painful that she actually frightened me! What’s really funny is that the moment the ride stopped and we got off she was all smiles, blushing and giggling! She went from horror movie to Disneyland just like that!
A week later I began my senior year at CSU East Bay as an illustration major, and in my Advanced Illustration class, our first assignment was to illustrate a moment we had from summer, and I chose this moment on the Giant Dipper with Kyla squeezing my hand and screaming her lungs out!

Steven Bales

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