Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Age – Over 14

Tamara Tremaine – Santa Cruz

Went to the river mouth to watch the Sunset and the Giant Dipper in all its glory. Had to take a picture of the moment. My all time favorite Roller

Monica Lugo – San Jose

I came up with a Giant Dipper/Boardwalk theme nail design, complete with Dream Wheel and carousel, to proudly display on my nails for Coaster Con.

Kaila Natwick – Santa Clara

Celebrating 100 years of the Giant Dipper is remarkable! I took this summer of 2021, and its been such a beauty to photograph. Riding such a historic wooden rollercoaster has

Shauna grassi – Santa Cruz

This photo was taken on the day of the 100th year celebration of the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. As we walked around enjoying the celebrations I

Tiffany Bleskey – Oakley

We visited the day of the 100th ceremony! I have been coming to the Boardwalk since I was a little girl. My uncle lived 2 blocks from the lighthouse. The

Meaghan Carpentier – Ottawa (Canada)

Happy 100th! I was introduced to the Giant Dipper by its number one fan, so for his milestone birthday along with the Dipper’s milestone birthday, I recreated the iconic light-up

Madison Gardner – Rocklin, Ca

Does it get more summer than corn on the cob and The Giant Dipper? We certainly don’t think so. It’s the first ride and first snack my daughter Maddy insists

Gaither Loewenstein – Riverside

I wanted to capture a perspective of the Giant Dipper that could only be seen by standing on the Boardwalk and looking up at the massive structure. The flags fluttering

Rachel Faas – Fremont

I have always been enamored by the lights of the Boardwalk. I couldn’t wait until it got dark and we could see the beautiful lights. Something about them makes me

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