Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Punky 7-11 – Carmichael

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk holds a very special place in my heart. I have fallen in love with Santa Cruz since the first day we met. There is such a wonderful thrilling time to be had at S.C.B.B.
Three generations of my family have been coming to Santa Cruz starting from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s. First starting with my grandparents— my mom and her siblings.
My parents would then take my sister and I back in the 1980’s. I remember Leo the lion, he was great. My grandparents would even take my sister and I or we would all go.
I have brought my family, although my kids are not big thrill riders.
So at least every year my Mom, Sister, and I plan a girls trip and come down to SC.
Still to this day S.C.B.B. Is still and always will be my favorite place to come back and enjoy everything it has to offer. From chewing on the signature Cinnamon Salt Water Taffy that they make on the Boardwalk to the excitement of the rides and hearing everyone being happy! To the wonderful smells of the delicious food. To going shopping for souvenirs with the Dot Santa Cruz logo on your clothes. Enjoying some relaxing time at the beach and looking for sand dollars.
Santa Cruz is my all time favorite place to visit. Hands up— And enjoy the Ride!!

Punky 7-11

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