Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park


Gloria Howell – Capitola

This photo was taken with my cell phone from the cliff on East Cliff. No filters or photoshop. I love photography and nature. I go by the name of Aloha

Woody Carroll – Santa Cruz

I took this photo awhile back at previous Boardwalk Fireworks show. At first the two big fireworks looked to me like eyes but then I saw them as zeros and

Julie Mitrovich – Santa Clara

This was taken in the evening on a cloudy day. Sitting out on the point, I captured this moody photo, with choppy full waters in the foreground. Never saw or

Lucas Flores – Santa cruz

I want to enter because I’ve been a resident of Santa Cruz for my whole life. I’m 11 years of age and I want to participate because the Giant Dipper

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