Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Other Art – Over 14

handmade giant dipper replica


All lettering and outlines are hand burned with a wood burner onto the driftwood, with paint highlights throughout the piece. Everything from the red tracks to the white wood holding

a popsicle model of the giant dipper

Jesus Rojas – Honorable Mention

The entry is an arts and craft project. A popsicle model of the Giant Dipper all painted similar to the real version. Also, at night, it also lights up using

3d printed image of the giant dipper

Coaster Labs – San Francisco

A hand crafted 3d printed marble run course based off the Giant Dipper, and it works! Place the marble (and with a little help) watch it weave it’s way down

handmade version of the giant dipper

Chuck Sanfilippo – Tracy

I just finished it. My inspiration comes completely from the Giant Dipper I first road the ride 53 years ago. I made it out of pop cycle sticks and scrap

people walking on the boardwalk

Erik – Pacifica

Clickety-clack on the wooden coaster track Climbing higher and higher, not looking back With squeals of joy around every turn Hoping not to get a bright red sunburn.

drawing of the boardwalk

Christopher Zimmerman – Santa Cruz

I made this “line design” back in 1993 (age 19). I was a youth volunteer in a program called Amigos de las America which provided health services to communities in

screenshot image of a poem

william – petaluma

poem: Back in May of 24 , something great opened over on the shore This piece of marvel , was 70 feet high and very spry People came from all

image of a written poem

Linda Weaver – Santa Cruz

In 1924 my grandfather, who resided in San Francisco, purchased an allotment in Paradise Park. We are now five generations – some still part time only coming on weekends or

image of giant dipper poem

JoAnn Flores – Stockton

I grew up visiting the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and loved sharing it with my children. As I got grandchildren, I really didn’t know if I had the energy to go

poem about the giant dipper

Avery – Salinas, Ca

To me, climbing the hill of the Giant Dipper is magical. On warm, summer, nights, feel like I can reach up and touch the stars from the top of that

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