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Other Art – Over 14


My poem, The Same Climb, describes a child’s experience riding the Giant Dipper. The child talks about the different emotions she feels throughout the thrill ride. Her emotions mirror a

Pamela McDonald – Morro Bay

Water color I recently went on the Giant Dipper with my daughter, I was so scared! What a thrilling ride, I loved it! It’s a memory I will treasure!

Janet K Miller – TUCSON

I painted this electric guitar top in the early 2000s in collaboration with Chris Larsen (of Girlbrand Guitars) who built the electric guitar. It’s painted in reverse on plexiglass using

Matt G – Roseville, CA

I scratch-built this 1:24 scale model of a section of the Giant Dipper’s track, showing how it is constructed. This model is partly based on Frederick Church’s 1929 patent for

Crystal Baker – Sacramento

Giant Dipper roller coaster at Santa Cruz Boardwalk as if it were colorful stained glass with the sun peaking through in a day room.

Monica Lugo – San Jose

I came up with a Giant Dipper/Boardwalk theme nail design, complete with Dream Wheel and carousel, to proudly display on my nails for Coaster Con.

Jen McGarvey – Boulder Creek

I made a candle inspired by the boardwalk that smells like funnel cake, sea salt and candy. It’s called Giant dipper as a nod to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. I’d

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