Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Katie and Orin Hahn – Brooklyn NY

I grew up in San Jose and my husband is from Coney Island, Brooklyn. When I introduced him to Santa Cruz it was like he had found his West Coast home. It made since to get married at the Coconut Grove. Halfway thru the reception, our Best Man texted us: “I have tickets. Rides close in 10 minutes. Meet at roller coaster NOW!” The entire wedding party, along with a good chunk of guests both family and friends, vacated the reception, leaving the band somewhat confused. Luckily my wedding coordinator managed to grab our photographer before we all ran, so he was able to capture the walk (run!) there, the ride leaving and entering the station and the stroll back to the Coconut Grove. 5 years later, this is Still the most talked about party and wedding in any of our friend circles! We love you, Giant Dipper! And Santa Cruz!

Katie and Orin Hahn

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